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2018/01/22   Court rules Puigdemont must return to Spain for re-election
2017/12/29   Democratic judge announces bid for Ohio Supreme Court seat
2017/11/10   Human rights group accuses Guatemalan courts of delays
2017/10/29   Indonesia court upholds seizure of illegal fishing vessel
2017/10/10   Supreme Court opens pivotal term with Trump nominee in place
2017/09/01   S. Korean court says worker's rare disease linked to Samsung
2017/07/22   Court: Indiana layoffs of older workers not discrimination
2017/06/21   High Court ruling may hurt claims of talc link to cancer
2017/05/15   Supreme Court declines to hear North Carolina voter ID case
2017/03/26   Turkish protesters denounce alleged coup plotters at court
2017/02/11   Partisan struggle over NC governor's authority back in court
2017/02/08   Missouri death row inmate appeals to US Supreme Court
2017/01/03   Man who escaped from Rhode Island prison to appear in court
2016/12/05   Court blocks federal plan to extend overtime pay to many
2016/11/16   French court restores far-right candidate's ties to father
2016/10/10   Moscow court orders paper to refute a report on Rosneft CEO
2016/08/09   Turkish court issues arrest warrant for Muslim cleric
2016/07/24   Monitor chosen to oversee Ferguson's police, court reforms
2016/05/03   High court seems poised to overturn McDonnell conviction
2016/03/28   Attorney: Court ruling lets Ohio political candidates lie
2016/02/10   Supreme Court puts Obama's climate change plan on hold
2016/01/30   Supreme Court rejects appeal to outlaw death penalty
2015/12/10   EU court dismisses Barcelona football trademark case
2015/11/28   2 charged in pastor's wife killing say little in court
2015/11/01   German court: former SS Auschwitz guard fit for trial
2015/10/20   Federal court programs aim to keep defendants out of prison
2015/10/08   Suspect in some Phoenix freeway shootings pleads not guilty
2015/09/03   Clerk in gay marriage case to appear in federal court
2015/07/09   Religious beliefs, gay rights clash in court case over cake
2015/06/25   Supreme Court upholds key tool for fighting housing bias
2015/03/31   Court rejects Duncan's death sentence appeal
2015/02/16   Court says Chuck Yeager can sue Utah gun safe company
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2014/11/21   Securities Arbitration and Litigation
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2014/10/22   Website asks high court to throw out lawsuit
2014/08/27   Law Office of Alan Segal - Greater Boston Estate Planning Attorney
2014/07/11   South Carolina Episcopalians take fight to court
2014/06/16   Davis Law Group, PLLC - Detroit Area DUI/DWI Attorney
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2014/02/20   Supreme Court affirms pipeline value decision
2013/10/25   Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) Attorneys
2013/09/23   Craig Hubble - Hawthorne Employment Discrimination Attorney
2013/08/19   Ala. courts seek $8.5 million to avoid layoffs
2013/08/15   Calif. asks Supreme Court to halt inmate releases
2013/03/11   3 ex-Marine Corp clerks plead guilty in San Diego
2012/12/25   Man who cut lawyer in San Diego court convicted
2012/12/19   Court fines woman in Berlusconi 'bunga bunga' case
2012/11/27   Kline lawyer wants probe of research attorneys
2012/09/14   KC law firm owner faces murder, forgery charges
2012/08/24   Pomerantz Law Firm Has Filed a Class Action
2012/06/08   Groups sue to block Florida voter roll purge
2012/05/19   Court won't consider giving man new trial
2012/03/01   Back Pay Award Reduced Based on Laches in Class Action
2012/02/29   Indianapolis Business Corporate Law Firm
2012/02/24   Indianapolis Business Corporate Law Firm
2012/02/22   A Class Action Has Been Filed Against GNC
2012/02/21   Indianapolis Business Litigation Law Firm - Riley Bennett Egloff, LLP
2012/02/20   Israel top court takes Palestinian detainee appeal
2012/02/13   Indianapolis Bankruptcy Law Firm - Riley Bennett Egloff, LLP
2012/02/02   Miss. high court takes ex-gov pardons case
2012/01/23   US high court: warrant needed for GPS tracking
2012/01/12   Sanford Wittels Heisler Files Employment Class Action
2012/01/11   Judge halts killer's Ohio execution, scolds state
2012/01/09   Texas electoral maps at issue before Supreme Court
2012/01/02   Chief justice defends court's impartiality
2011/12/30   Federal judge blocks Calif. low-carbon fuels rule
2011/12/28   Appeals court upholds convictions in Fort Dix plot
2011/12/26   Supreme Court rejects Hessler appeal
2011/12/16   Phil Spector to take appeal to US Supreme Court
2011/12/16   Wall St. seeks dismissal of Ala. record bankruptcy
2011/12/15   Previously announced class action settlement approved
2011/12/14   Next ICC prosecutor warns against sex crimes
2011/12/12   City Council in Pa. capital again seeks bankruptcy
2011/12/09   Appeals court blocks cement plant pollution rule
2011/12/07   Blagojevich team says he's guilty, asks for mercy
2011/12/06   ICC seeks information from Libya on Seif al-Islam
2011/12/05   Court: Assange can continue extradition fight
2011/12/01   Man tied to Ohio Craigslist case appears in court
2011/11/29   Calif. salon shooting suspect due for arraignment
2011/11/28   US court won't block its Texas redistricting map
2011/11/22   NY top court clears probe of inflated appraisals
2011/11/20   Texas AG blasts court's redistricting maps
2011/11/19   Federal court issues new political maps for Texas
2011/11/18   Fla. hired law firm with ties to Gov. Scott
2011/11/07   Corzine steps down at collapsed firm, hires lawyer
2011/11/03   High court considers Ga. suit over false testimony
2011/11/02   Court unlikely to allow private prison to be sued
2011/10/26   Justices could talk health care cases on Nov. 10
2011/10/25   US appeals court upholds roadless rule in forests
2011/10/22   Indiana, Planned Parenthood in court over funding
2011/10/21   Artists sue auction houses over royalties law
2011/10/18   Arpaio to testify about failed investigations
2011/10/18   Minn. appeals court upholds $1M U verdict
2011/10/14   SEC backs ban on banks trading for own profit
2011/10/06   Scott Cole Associates Announces Update for Class Action
2011/10/05   Hogan to be new courts administrative officer
2011/10/04   Court turns away appeal over commandments display
2011/09/16   Class Action Filed Against Former, Current AP Execs
2011/09/08   Court tosses Sivak's death sentence
2011/08/25   Lawyers wrap up Int'l Court's first trial
2011/08/21   Federal court rejects Houston cop killer's appeal
2011/08/19   Drug company lawyer taped trying to foil lawsuit
2011/08/15   Nigerian who allegedly scammed 80 law firms, lawyers out of $31M extradited to US
2011/08/12   Miss. judge suspended for misconduct
2011/08/10   New hearings sought in Chicago police torture case
2011/08/09   Pozen says Texas court upholds Treximet patents
2011/08/09   Once-exonerated Conn. man ordered back to prison
2011/08/05   Lawyer pleads guilty to $47 million Ponzi scheme
2011/08/03   Buffalo city lawmakers irked by law firm's TV ad
2011/07/28   Health care lawsuit reaches Supreme Court
2011/07/26   Class action lawsuit filed over Antero drilling
2011/07/26   NJ court rules against son in Plain estate dispute
2011/07/25   Court denies motion to stop Loughner medication
2011/07/15   High court sets oral arguments in campaign lawsuit
2011/07/11   Law Firm To Collect $35M In Forfeited Bonds
2011/07/11   Lawyer defends Nevada truck firm in Amtrak crash
2011/07/05   Borrowers sue over apparent loan mod mishaps
2011/06/28   BofA Near $8.5B Deal to Settle Big Investors' Claims
2011/06/24   Toyota class action suit to start with Utah case
2011/06/24   Casino owner cited in complaint against Ala. judge
2011/06/20   Mont. Supreme Court rules against Paws Up
2011/05/17   Ala. chief justice warns more court layoffs coming
2011/05/04   Trump real estate courses didn't deliver, suit says
2011/04/25   High court rejects quick review of health care law
2011/04/18   Democrats criticize hiring of firm for House remap
2011/04/04   Patrick to nominate justice to Mass. high court
2011/03/04   Disgraced Pa. judge wants convictions tossed
2011/02/11   Judge affirms $7.3M verdict against law firm
2010/12/15   Lawsuit seeks to keep 3 Iowa justices on bench
2010/12/03   Transit expert lawyers to help NJ fight tunnel tab
2010/11/28   $450m class action launched against NAB
2010/11/02   Court Appoints Lawyer for Bernard Kilpatrick
2010/10/04   New Supreme Court term opens with Kagan aboard
2010/09/27   Abraham, Fruchter Twersky, LLP
2010/09/16   Man who tried to fake death pleads guilty to fraud
2010/08/30   DOJ's elite Public Integrity unit gets new leader
2010/08/17   DUI Life Sentence Stirs Debate About Alcoholism
2010/08/09   Children in Dependency Proceedings Need Lawyers
2010/07/29   2 re-sentencings ordered in $1.9B Ohio fraud case
2010/07/20   Wis. justices uphold ex-Jesuit priest's conviction
2010/07/05   Law firm merger activity picks up
2010/06/28   Ore. trial court to reconsider $100M tobacco case
2010/06/21   Securities Fraud Liability May Hit More Defendants
2010/06/16   Law firm: BP claims form flawed
2010/06/10   Court OKs Calif. city's day laborer crackdown
2010/05/24   Appeals court rules against Bagram detainees
2010/04/28   US lawmaker urges action on Russian lawyer's death
2010/04/19   The Shuman Investigates Ormat Technologies Inc.
2010/04/16   Wash. court: Illegal worker status inadmissible
2010/04/14   Law firms seek to represent dead miners' families
2010/04/12   Law firm Mayer Brown lays off more lawyers
2010/04/12   BofA Merrill, Knight Capital, Franklin Templeton
2010/02/25   Law firm 'in contempt' over MP legal threat
2010/02/13   Stigma of home-based firms disappearing as trend grows
2010/01/30   ‘America’s Best Law Firms’ Rankings Are Coming in 2010
2010/01/12   Simmons rated as UK's most gay-friendly firm
2010/01/06   Law firm mergers down 24 percent in 2009
2009/12/23   Judge orders new trial in Chicago patronage case
2009/12/07   Lyondell settles lawsuit brought by unsecured creditors
2009/11/23   Pension drops lawsuit against ACS over Xerox buy
2009/11/02   Jury Rules Against Blue Nile in $60.1 Million Lawsuit
2009/09/28   Burford Capital In GBP200M IPO For Lawsuit Funding
2009/07/16   Goldman Sachs Backs Off Blogger
2009/05/26   Sotomayor nominated to high court
2009/05/26   Recession cuts law firm growth
2009/05/14   Students who paid to attend inauguration sue
2009/05/07   Study Predicts 5 Percent Growth in Legal Spending
2009/04/22   Supreme Court limits warrantless vehicle searches
2009/02/23   Munger, Tolles Olson Retains Clearwell to lower costs
2009/02/05   Sidley Austin Receives Commitment to Justice Award
2008/12/17   Court: No obligation for company to give teen drug
2008/12/15   NJ Sen. Lautenberg among potential fraud victims
2008/12/01   Court revives Ariz. tribes lawsuit over research
2008/10/30   Anti-gay-marriage groups look for Ariz. redemption
2008/06/21   Supreme Court to review decision on Navy sonar use
2008/04/14   Top Law Schools Tighten Hold on NLJ 250 Firms
2008/03/25   Is Schwarzenegger Serious About Taxing Lawyers?
2008/03/24   Attorney Is Disbarred for the Second Time
2008/03/17   High Court Agrees to Hear Indecency Case
2008/03/13   Attorney General To Argue a Case Before High Court
2008/03/05   Touro chief says law school not for sale
2008/03/05   California Supreme Court in gay marriage storm
2008/03/04   Ex-Alaska Governor's top aide to plead guilty
2008/03/04   Louisiana's new AG probes Foti's last-stand lawsuits
2008/03/03   Campton Hills pays $124,000 to lawyers
2008/03/03   Justices reject appeal by Adelphia founder, son
2008/03/02   Peloton hedge fund to liquidate and close shop
2008/02/28   Law Firm Warns Of Looming Katrina Lawsuit Deadline
2008/02/25   Four law firms dominate school district services
2008/02/25   Supreme Court to hear car search, tribal land cases
2008/02/23   Top U.S. court backs S.F. health care

Court rules Puigdemont must return to Spain for re-election
Law Firm News | 2018/01/22 09:39
Spain's top court said Saturday that Catalonia's fugitive ex-president must return to the country and be present in the regional parliament to receive the authority to form a new government.

The Constitutional Court ruled that a session of Catalonia's parliament scheduled for Tuesday would be suspended if former leader Carles Puigdemont tries to be re-elected without being physically present in the chamber.

The court also said that Puigdemont must seek judicial authorization to attend the session.

Catalonia's separatist lawmakers have been considering voting Puigdemont back in as regional chief without him returning from Belgium, weighing options that included another parliament member standing in for him or him addressing the lawmakers via video.

The separatist leader fled Spain after the regional parliament made an unsuccessful declaration of independence on Oct. 27 in violation of Spain's Constitution. He is wanted in Spain on possible rebellion and sedition charges and is likely to be arrested if he returns.

The court, in a unanimous decision of the 11 magistrates present, said that the investiture of Puigdemont would be suspended without the previous authorization of a judge, "even if he is physically in the chamber."

That specification comes amid speculation that Puigdemont could try to slip back into Spain and sneak past police into the Barcelona-based parliament to be re-elected. Spain's Interior Minister, Juan Ignacio Zoido, said this week that police were increasing surveillance to ensure that doesn't happen.

The court also ruled that neither Puigdemont nor the four other former members of his Cabinet who also fled to Belgium to avoid a judicial summons three months ago could delegate their vote for Tuesday's session in another candidate.

Democratic judge announces bid for Ohio Supreme Court seat
Law Firm News | 2017/12/29 22:53
A Democratic judge has announced his candidacy for a seat on the Ohio Supreme Court. Michael Donnelly currently serves on the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas in Cleveland. He said Thursday he's running for the high court this year.

There are two November races for seats on the seven-person court. One is for an open seat being vacated by the retirement of Republican Justice Terrence O'Donnell. The second is for a seat being vacated this month by Democratic Justice William O'Neill, who is running for governor.

Gov. John Kasich is expected to appoint a fellow Republican to fill O'Neill's seat, and that person will then choose whether to run for the full six-year term.

Human rights group accuses Guatemalan courts of delays
Law Firm News | 2017/11/10 08:25
An international human rights group says Guatemalan courts are foot- dragging on high-profile cases and threatening the work of the country's prosecutors and a U.N. anti-corruption commission.

Human Rights Watch analyzed eight major cases that have bogged down and concluded the courts are undermining the anticorruption work by taking too long to process appeals and pretrial motions. In a report released Sunday, the group accuses the courts of trying to run out the clock on prosecutions by keeping defendants from ever making it to trial.

Among the cases is a customs fraud scandal that allegedly sent kickbacks to then President Otto Perez Molina and Vice President Roxana Baldetti. They resigned and were jailed to await trial, but more than 100 defense filings have delayed the trial.

Perez Molina and Baldetti, who resigned in 2015, both deny the charges against them.

Daniel Wilkinson, managing director of the Americas division at Human Rights Watch, said Guatemala has made progress on holding officials accountable for abuses of power, but still needs to "move forward and close those circles with trials." "The strategic defense (of those accused) was always to delay the cases," Wilkinson said.

The report notes a pattern in which pretrial proceedings drag on as defense lawyers appeal court decisions and file petitions seeking the recusal of judges.

"The repeated filing of such petitions has brought many key prosecutions to a standstill, and lawyers are not effectively sanctioned even when filing petitions that are manifestly frivolous," Wilkinson said.

Indonesia court upholds seizure of illegal fishing vessel
Law Firm News | 2017/10/29 18:55
Indonesia says it has won a two-year court battle that confirms the legality of the government's seizure of a Thai vessel linked to human trafficking and illegal fishing in Indonesian waters.

Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs Susi Pudjiastuti said the "monumental" ruling from a court in Aceh province shows that governments can win in the fight against cross-border crime.

Pudjiastuti said in a statement this week that the ministry plans to make the refrigerated cargo ship Silver Sea 2 part of a museum to teach the public about illegal fishing.

The ship was seized by Indonesia's navy in August 2015 amid a crackdown on illegal fishing and after an Associated Press investigation showed its links to human trafficking in the fishing industry.

Several months before its capture, the ship and Thai fishing trawlers had abruptly left an island in remote eastern Indonesia, where the Thai fishing industry held trafficked crew members captive, to escape a government crackdown on illegal fishing.

Supreme Court opens pivotal term with Trump nominee in place
Law Firm News | 2017/10/10 12:21
Disputes over a wedding cake for a same-sex couple and partisan electoral maps top the Supreme Court's agenda in the first full term of the Trump presidency. Conservatives will look for a boost from the newest justice, Neil Gorsuch, in a year that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has said will be momentous.

President Donald Trump's travel ban appears likely to disappear from the court's docket, at least for now. But plenty of high-profile cases remain.

The justices will hear important cases that touch on gay rights and religious freedoms, the polarized American electorate, the government's ability to track people without search warrants, employees' rights to band together over workplace disputes and states' rights to allow betting on professional and college sporting events.

Last year, "they didn't take a lot of major cases because they didn't want to be deadlocked 4-to-4," said Eric Kasper, director of the Center for Constitutional Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. "This year, that problem doesn't present itself."

Gorsuch quickly showed he would be an ally of the court's most conservative justices, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, most recently joining them in objecting to the court's decision to block an execution in Georgia.

While justices can change over time, Gorsuch's presence on the bench leaves liberals with a fair amount of trepidation, especially in cases involving the rights of workers.

The very first case of the term, set for arguments Monday, could affect tens of millions of workers who have signed clauses as part of their employment contracts that not only prevent them from taking employment disputes to federal court, but also require them to arbitrate complaints individually, rather than in groups.

S. Korean court says worker's rare disease linked to Samsung
Law Firm News | 2017/09/01 00:21
South Korea's Supreme Court said a former worker in a Samsung LCD factory who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis should be recognized as having an occupationally caused disease, overturning lower court verdicts that held a lack of evidence against the worker.

In a milestone decision that could aid other sickened tech workers struggling to prove the origin of their diseases, the Supreme Court ruled there was a significant link between Lee Hee-jin's disease and workplace hazards and her working conditions.

Lower courts had denied her claim, partly because no records of her workplace conditions were publicly available. The Labor Ministry and Samsung refused to disclose them when a lower court requested the information, citing trade secrets.

In its ruling Tuesday, the court said the lack of evidence, resulting from Samsung's refusal to provide the information and an inadequate investigation by the government, should not be held against the sickened worker.

Instead, it said, such special circumstances should be considered in favor of the worker.

Lee, 33, began to work at a Samsung LCD factory in Cheonan, south of Seoul, in 2002 when she was a high school senior. She evaluated nearly one hundred display panels per hour on a conveyor belt, looking for defective panels and wiping them with isopropyl alcohol. She worked next to assembly lines that used other chemicals.

Three years after she joined Samsung Electronics, she first reported the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, a rare disease that affects the central nervous system. The average age of reporting multiple sclerosis in South Korea is 38. She left Samsung in 2007.

Lee first filed a claim in 2010 with a government agency, which denied her request for compensation. She took her case to the courts and lost twice before Tuesday's victory.

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