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Keith Halleland departs Halleland Lewis law firm
Lawyer News | 2010/02/25 09:12
pKeith Halleland, one of the founders of Halleland Lewis Nilan amp; Johnson, is leaving to start a new law firm — and taking his name with him./ppHalleland’s new firm will focus on business law and consulting when it launches this spring, according to a news release issued Thursday by the 50-attorney, Minneapolis firm now known as Nilan Johnson Lewis./pp“I am proud of what we have achieved together over the years,” Halleland said in the release. “I am very excited about building something new, and I look forward to establishing a firm where my focus will be on the work I really love – business law and consulting.”/ppNilan Johnson Lewis President Matthew Damon called Halleland “a big part of our growth and success over the 13 years we have been in business,” and said he expects the two firms to work together.

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