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Ciolli Sues Yale Law Students in AutoAdmit Scandal
Topics | 2008/03/04 14:06
Penn Law grad Anthony Ciolli — the former administrator of a href=;hid=1256 target=_blankfont color=#0253b7AutoAdmit/font/a who was named in a a href= target=_blankfont color=#0253b7lawsuit/font/a filed in June by two Yale Law students against anonymous posters on the law-school discussion board and then subsequently a href= target=_blankfont color=#0253b7dropped/font/a from the suit — is now returning fire. For backstory, click a href= target=_blankfont color=#0253b7here/font/a, a href= target=_blankfont color=#0253b7here/font/a and a href= target=_blankfont color=#0253b7here./font/a pIn a href= target=_blankfont color=#0253b7this complaint/font/a, which was filed today in state court in Philadelphia, Ciolli is suing the two Yale students as well as their lawyers, on eight counts, including abuse of process, libel, publicity placing plaintiff in a false light and tortious interference with contract. This fall, after being named in the original suit by the Yale women and accused of running a website called a href= target=_blankfont color=#0253b7T14 Talent /font/a(now shuttered), which ranked women at the top 14 law schools based on their looks, Ciolli subsequently a href= target=_blankfont color=#0253b7lost an offer /font/afor a full-time associate job at Boston firm a href= target=_blankfont color=#0253b7Edwards, Angell, Palmer amp; Dodge/font/a. /ppIn defending the action filed against him, Ciolli was represented by a href= target=font color=#0253b7Marc Randazza/font/a. But this complaint is signed by a href= target=_blankfont color=#0253b7Mark Jakubik/font/a. /ppWe’ve reached out to Mark Lemley, a named defendant and the lawyer for the two women, as well as the other individuals named in the suit. We’ll let you know if we hear back./p

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