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2018/02/11   Court: Idaho nuclear waste documents won't be made public
2018/02/11   Kushner firm seeks court change to keep partners secret
2018/02/08   Supreme Court blocks some redrawn North Carolina districts
2018/01/12   Court: Yes, there is doctor-patient confidentiality
2017/12/01   Arkansas judge blocks state from issuing birth certificates
2017/11/07   Florida man back at Supreme Court with 1st Amendment case
2017/10/20   Court weighing whether graffiti mecca was protected by law
2017/10/12   NC high court reviews death penalty of man who beheaded wife
2017/10/02   Ohio taxpayers lose right to take disputes to high court
2017/09/26   Pakistan ex-PM criticizes judiciary for his disqualification
2017/09/22   Kenya Supreme Court says why it annulled presidential poll
2017/09/20   Toys R Us files for Chapter 11 reorganization
2017/09/16   3 bank customers in Germany fined for ignoring collapsed man
2017/09/13   Justices allow Trump administration ban on most refugees
2017/09/10   Ohio Supreme Court hears dispute on abortion clinic closure
2017/09/03   Trump nominates White House lawyer to important court seat
2017/08/30   Court: Cherokee Freedmen have right to tribal citizenship
2017/08/27   Supreme Court justice blocks ruling on redrawing Texas districts
2017/08/22   UAE prison time dropped for transgender Singaporean, friend
2017/08/19   Judge refuses to end Roman Polanski sex assault case
2017/08/17   French Designer Wins Court Case in Dispute with Brad Pitt
2017/08/11   A Supreme Court pharma case deals consumers a big loss
2017/08/08   NJ Supreme Court Reverses Decades-Old Divorce Law
2017/07/20   North Carolina Court to Rule on Law on Gov's Elections Role
2017/06/26   Supreme Court limits ability to strip citizenship
2017/06/11   Court records outline hours before Virginia shooting
2017/06/10   With court victory, hand of Brazil's president strengthened
2017/06/07   The Latest: Suspect in 36 fire deaths appears in court
2017/06/05   Bill Cosby arrives in court ahead of sexual assault trial
2017/06/04   Court sides with towns over utilities in tax dispute
2017/06/02   In one state, abused animals get a legal voice in court
2017/05/22   Supreme Court strikes down 2 NC congressional districts
2017/05/20   Ohio Supreme Court justice backs legalizing marijuana
2017/05/13   South Dakota and Flandreau Santee Sioux tribe clash in court
2017/05/02   Indiana high court to take up police unreasonable force case
2017/04/17   Ohio high court will review full autopsies from 8 slayings
2017/04/06   US court ruling could bring more suits over Nazi-looted art
2017/04/02   Bangladesh High Court upholds death for 2 in blogger killing
2017/03/26   Court bars release of videos made by anti-abortion group
2017/03/04   NC governor, legislature head to court in power showdown
2017/03/02   Ohio court considers privacy rights in backpack search
2017/02/24   South African court rules against ICC withdrawal
2017/02/18   NC court blocks law stripping governor of election powers
2017/02/10   Rolling Stone defamation case over rape story back in court
2017/02/10   Kenya court blocks closing of world's biggest refugee camp
2017/01/07   Supreme Court won’t hear Giordano appeal in child-sex case
2016/12/21   Ohio's high court dismisses media lawsuit over bodycam video
2016/12/04   Supreme Court takes up cases about race in redistricting
2016/12/04   UK Supreme Court hears landmark challenge to Brexit plans
2016/11/13   Supreme Court stays execution of Alabama inmate
2016/11/04   Supreme Court stays execution of Alabama inmate
2016/10/18   As time runs out, dozens of judge nominees waiting on Senate
2016/09/26   Court gives fertilizer dealers a reprieve from policy change
2016/09/22   California Supreme Court to consider suit over Yelp review
2016/09/11   Sotomayor calls job on high court blessing and curse
2016/09/08   High court temporarily blocks subpoena over sex ads
2016/08/28   Appeals court refuses to reconsider Wisconsin voter ID cases
2016/08/14   Court again says New Jersey can't legalize sports betting
2016/08/12   Egyptian lawyer, journalist released after prison sentence
2016/07/27   Court reinstates rape charges despite delay in indictment
2016/07/21   Appeals court delay requested in ex-Virginia governor's case
2016/07/20   Arkansas court denies request for new execution law hearing
2016/07/18   Philippine court clears Arroyo of plunder, orders her freed
2016/05/31   Bahrain court more than doubles opposition leader's sentence
2016/05/25   Hulk Hogan, Gawker back in court in Florida
2016/05/08   Spanish court seeks arrest of Putin-linked Russians
2016/04/26   High court won't step into Mich. dispute over harness racing
2016/04/26   Court in Russia-annexed Crimea bans Tatar assembly
2016/04/16   Democrats push McConnell, GOP on Supreme Court nomination
2016/03/21   White S.C. trooper pleads guilty in shooting of unarmed black man
2016/02/08   Court rejects AG Kane's request to reinstate law license
2015/12/20   Japan court gives go-ahead for restart of 2 nuke reactors
2015/12/02   Court papers: Witness ID'd man in playground shooting
2015/11/27   Attorney General Eric Schneiderman names 2 chief deputies
2015/11/19   Perry's indictment in hands of top Texas criminal court
2015/11/03   Supreme Court considers if Pistorius guilty of murder
2015/10/19   US appeals court upholds gun laws after Newtown massacre
2015/10/18   Britain's High Court rules that Uber app is lawful
2015/10/14   Court again considers fate of seized gold coins worth $80M
2015/09/12   Idaho high court upholds law banning horse racing terminals
2015/09/04   Appeals court overturns county's longest-ever drug sentence
2015/08/18   Appeals court won't reinstate 1990 arson-murder conviction
2015/08/17   Pistorius prosecutors file appeal at Supreme Court
2015/08/05   Texas attorney general accused of lying to investors
2015/07/28   Zimbabweans linked to illegal lion hunt appear in court
2015/07/23   Court agrees with tossing strict North Dakota abortion law
2015/07/20   Wife says Chinese rights lawyer being denied legal counsel
2015/07/08   Peterson returns to court in murder-for-hire trial
2015/07/01   High court won't hear Nevada patient dumping case
2015/06/13   Court allows hotly disputed discount contact lens price law
2014/12/31   US Supreme Court takes case, but plaintiff missing
2014/10/27   Former Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor
2014/05/20   Supreme Court takes up case of fired air marshal
2014/03/14   Inmate pleads guilty in prison guard's stabbing
2013/11/03   Washington, DC Criminal Defense Lawyer
2013/06/10   ID court rules man can face felony stalking charge
2013/06/02   Court Upholds Rifle Sales Reporting Requirement
2013/05/21   Court strikes down Arizona 20-week abortion ban
2012/10/26   Retail group against revised card settlement
2012/10/22   Minn. Supreme Court to hear suicides case appeal
2012/10/10   High court looks at race in college admissions
2012/09/20   MacDonald goes to court in 'Fatal Vision' case
2012/09/12   Outgoing NC Sen. Stevens resigns, joins law firm
2012/08/31   Superior court rejects appeal in Pa. double-murder
2012/08/17   Man who killed wife, baby loses appeal in Mass.
2012/08/08   Ga. court ruling could tighten foreclosure rules
2012/07/25   Court rejects Florida prison privatization appeal
2012/07/18   Goldman agrees to settle mortgage debt class action
2012/07/09   Md. appeals court chief judge nearing retirement
2012/07/03   Report: Okla. court shooting suspect delusional
2012/06/07   Appeals court knocks out Job Corps drug tests
2012/05/26   Kan. gov. signs measure blocking Islamic law
2012/05/16   German sues Macedonia in EU human rights court
2012/05/01   Court to decide if deportation ruling retroactive
2012/02/07   Appeals court: Seniors can't reject Medicare right
2012/01/13   Priest with gambling habit facing prison in Vegas
2012/01/10   Nevada Supreme Court reaches 60,000th case
2011/12/08   Political aide to former Md. governor found guilty
2011/12/01   NY court hears hedge fund boss' bail arguments
2011/11/16   Missouri Supreme Court upholds strip club restrictions
2011/11/11   Court says nothing about health care appeal
2011/11/08   Court to look at life in prison for juveniles
2011/11/06   MF Global faces class-action suits after bankruptcy
2011/11/05   Court: Fla. must weigh arbitration in Madoff case
2011/10/28   Man pleads guilty to Picasso theft at SF gallery
2011/10/27   PETA lawsuit seeks to expand animal rights
2011/10/21   Court orders new trial for convicted Cass County killer
2011/10/20   Mom pleads guilty to forcing beer on children
2011/10/17   US House group files motion in gay marriage suit
2011/09/28   Rentech Announces Final Court Approvals of Settlements
2011/09/28   Ex-workers at Fla. foreclose firm get class action
2011/09/26   Wis. Supreme Court takes payday loan case
2011/09/09   Guilty plea for Va. man in $318K Social Security fraud
2011/09/06   Calif. gay marriage ban faces next legal hurdle
2011/08/16   2 enter guilty pleas in GOP corruption case
2011/08/14   Appeals court strikes health insurance requirement
2011/08/12   Lawyer: NJ student didn't mean to spy on roommate
2011/08/05   Calif. court hears appeal on gay juror dismissals
2011/08/03   Appeals court overturns rare Mich. death sentence
2011/08/01   Ex-Schuyler teacher seeks OK to plead guilty
2011/06/13   NY lawyers: Affair with boss led to inside trades
2011/06/13   Court orders reconsideration of parole judgment
2011/06/07   Senate confirms Obama lawyer as solicitor general
2011/06/02   Ark. court upholds conviction in TV anchor slaying
2011/05/23   IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn to plead not guilty
2011/05/21   Maine lawmaker due in court on gun-threat charges
2011/05/19   SD Supreme Court disciplines circuit judge
2011/05/15   Court says FOIA request cannot be used in lawsuit
2011/05/13   LimeWire settles out of court with major record labels
2011/05/07   Disabled lawyer cranks out lawsuits
2011/05/05   4 guilty in $5.2M Medicare fraud scheme in Houston
2011/04/28   Ohio man pleads guilty in abortion-gunpoint case
2011/04/28   Iowa court reverses child endangerment conviction
2011/04/23   Court denies Va. inmate's lawsuit over beard
2011/04/04   Pa. bus firm in deadly NJ crash is taken off road
2011/03/03   Delaware court upholds Barnes Noble ruling
2011/03/02   Ark high court upholds dismissal of gas lease suit
2011/02/03   Dick's settles with former Neb. worker over pay
2011/02/03   Maine federal judge lets class action in care suit
2011/01/18   Court won't hear appeal from NY couple
2011/01/12   SEC charges 4 with insider trading
2011/01/04   Calif. high court refuses appeal of no-burn rule
2010/12/19   Randy Quaid's wife misses Calif. court hearing
2010/08/30   Utah court rejects appeal from polygamous sect
2010/07/20   NY man gets 19 years to life in wife's poisoning
2010/06/28   Bankruptcy judge approves Visteon disclosure plan
2010/06/14   NY woman sentenced for taking $700K from law firm
2010/06/03   US court weighs school discipline for Web posts
2010/05/17   High court rules out life sentences for juveniles
2010/05/10   DA opposes Polanski's request for sealed testimony
2009/12/23   Judge rejects mandatory condoms on LA porn sets
2009/11/15   LV Law firm sues state over mortgage modification licensing
2009/10/19   2 Hudson residents sue General Mills over Cheerios cholesterol claims
2009/08/03   Workplace Bullying Worse Than Sexual Harassment: Study
2009/08/01   Supreme Court Overturns 75 Mil Malpractice Suit Verdict In NJ
2009/04/20   Court to weigh state's duty to English learners
2009/04/13   Davis Polk Recruits Ex-SEC Aide
2008/12/28   Judge: 2 adoptive dads belong on birth certificate
2008/12/18   Appeals court rejects DC missing pants case
2008/12/16   Oregon bank bombing suspect charged with murder
2008/12/14   Court sides with NY Times in anthrax libel case
2008/10/01   Ex-Attorney Loses Bid to Access Legislator's Records
2008/09/30   Homeowner Get 122K in Hidden Cash, Court Says
2008/09/29   Court Clears Microsoft in $1.5 Billion Patent Action by Lucent
2008/09/24   Attorney's Letter To Jurors Questioned
2008/09/15   Reputation Battle Tied to 4th Circuit Nominee
2008/09/11   'We're Not Cougars,' Women Say In Suit
2008/09/08   EU Court Unfreezes Assets of Saudi Charity
2008/09/08   NY Judge dismisses challenge to gay marriage recognition
2008/09/03   Court Chides Judiciary for Relying on Wikipedia
2008/09/02   Landlord Can Demand Gold Coins, Court Says
2008/08/19   Sixth Circuit Upholds Nudity Ban in Ohio
2008/08/14   Truck Driver Sues For Bridge Collapse
2008/07/29   Coalition Opposes Canyon Granite Removal
2008/07/25   New York AG files complaint
2008/07/22   Monkey See, Monkey Sue
2008/07/18   Jr. College Fired Her For Answering A Student's Question
2008/07/16   New Jersey court strikes down sex offender residence laws
2008/07/14   Ibuprofen Strip Search Violated Student's Rights
2008/07/09   Court Shields Bloggers From Disclosing Names
2008/07/02   'Reality' Show Host Sued For Assault
2008/06/19   Court sides with employee in benefits case
2008/06/17   ACLU files suit against Texas juvenile prison system
2008/06/16   Ginsburg Reverses FOIA Denial
2008/06/11   Class Claims Steak House Knowingly Hires Illegals
2008/06/10   Judge Removed From Office For Phone Rage
2008/06/05   Black Public Defenders Sue Atlanta
2008/05/15   9th Circuit Halts Logging In Sierra Nevada Forest
2008/05/15   Supreme Court rules magistrates may preside
2008/04/25   Makers of Paxil, Zoloft Win
2008/04/21   Paper Wins Dismissal Of Libel Suit
2008/04/16   Court Won't Hear Young Killer's Appeal
2008/04/08   9th Circuit Declines Serial ADA Plaintiff's Appeal
2008/04/04   Ohio Settles Lawsuit Over Youth Prisons
2008/03/25   9th Circuit: County Can't Use RICO
2008/03/20   Man Pleads Guilty After Verdict Tossed
2008/03/18   Court Rules in Favor of Wash. Primary
2008/03/11   Miami appraiser pleads guilty to fraud scheme
2008/03/07   US court dismisses suit on Barr's Plan B pill
2008/03/06   Judge Rejects Murtha Deposition Request
2008/03/05   District judge given probation in gun incident
2008/03/05   Supreme Court to Release Same-Day Tapes
2008/03/05   Ex-Westar execs want charges dismissed
2008/03/04   Judge won't dismiss charges against Haditha commander
2008/03/03   N.Y. man guilty of killing family, burning home
2008/03/03   Venezuelan pleads guilty in suitcase scandal
2008/03/03   Kid Rock Pleads Not Guilty to Battery
2008/03/03   Court Leaves Diabetes Drug Case Intact
2008/03/01   Court Looks At Internet Limits
2008/03/01   Law firm violated debt collection statute, federal suit alleges
2008/02/08   U.S. Appeals Court sets deadlines in Peel case

Court: Idaho nuclear waste documents won't be made public
Law Center | 2018/02/11 15:29
U.S. officials don't have to provide details about proposed shipments of extremely radioactive spent commercial nuclear fuel to the country's top government nuclear research laboratory in Idaho, a federal court has ruled.

The ruling was a major setback to a lawsuit filed by former Idaho Gov. Cecil Andrus, who had a long history of legal battles with the Energy Department over nuclear waste entering the state and a firm belief that residents had a right to know the agency's plans.

U.S. District Court Judge B. Lynn Winmill on Tuesday ruled the federal agency acted properly in withholding information sought by Andrus in a Freedom of Information Act request he filed in January 2015.

That decision means the documents will not be released to the public anytime soon, but they ultimately could be as another part of Andrus' argument has yet to play out and the case remains open.

Andrus, a Democrat who died in August at age 85, filed the lawsuit in September 2015 after receiving heavily blacked-out documents from the federal agency about the spent commercial nuclear fuel shipments. His daughter, Tracy Andrus, has been substituted with the court's approval as the plaintiff in the case.

The former governor's longtime aide, Marc Johnson, said he was disappointed with Tuesday's ruling in favor of the Department of Energy, "particularly after waiting so long to see what DOE really has in mind for further waste in Idaho."

The lawsuit seeks information about several hundred pounds of proposed research shipments of spent commercial nuclear fuel the federal agency wants to send to the Idaho National Laboratory, the nation's top federal nuclear research lab.

Kushner firm seeks court change to keep partners secret
Law Center | 2018/02/11 15:28
The family real estate company once run by presidential adviser Jared Kushner is shifting a federal court case to a new venue so it won't have to reveal the identities of foreign partners behind some of its real estate projects.

With a deadline approaching within hours, the Kushner Cos. filed papers in federal court Friday to move the case involving Maryland apartment complexes it owns with foreign investors back to state court. A federal district court judge ruled last month that the Kushners had to identify its partners by Friday, rejecting arguments from the family company that such disclosures would violate privacy rights.

The Kushner Cos. had also argued that media coverage of the case was "politically motivated" and marked by "unfair sensationalism" given that the company was once run by Jared Kushner, now a senior adviser to his father-in-law, President Donald Trump.

The case has attracted media attention because it promised a rare glimpse into how New York-based Kushner Cos. raises money for its real estate projects, revealing ties to lenders and investors who could possibly raise conflict-of-interest issues.

The fight over disclosure in federal court stems from a lawsuit that started out in Maryland state court last year on an entirely different matter. That lawsuit was brought by tenants alleging a Kushner Cos. affiliate called Westminster Management charges excessive and illegal rent for apartments. It sought class-action status for tenants in 17 apartment complexes. Westminster has said it has broken no laws and denies the charges.

Supreme Court blocks some redrawn North Carolina districts
Law Center | 2018/02/08 03:27
The U.S. Supreme Court told North Carolina officials late Tuesday they must use some but not all of the state's legislative districts that other federal judges redrew for this year's elections.

The justices partially granted the request of Republican lawmakers who contend the House and Senate maps they voted for last summer were legal and didn't need to be altered.

A three-judge panel determined those GOP-approved boundaries contained racial bias left over from maps originally approved in 2011 and violated the state constitution. So the lower-court judges hired a special master who changed about two dozen districts in all. The judges approved them last month.

The Supreme Court's order means more than half of those districts redrawn by Stanford University law professor Nathaniel Persily will revert to their shapes from last summer. The order said House district changes made in the counties that include Charlotte and Raleigh because of state constitutional concerns are blocked while the full case is appealed, but changes made elsewhere to alleviate racial bias must be used.

The maps containing the partial changes will be used when candidate filing for all 170 General Assembly seats begins next Monday.

Boundaries approved by the General Assembly last August kept Republicans in a position to retain veto-proof majorities in the chambers, which has helped them advance their conservative-leaning agenda this decade. But Democrats are bolstered after successful elections in other states last year. Tuesday's ruling means Democrats could find it harder to win more House districts than they hoped.

Dozens of North Carolina voters originally were successful in overturning the 2011 districts as racial gerrymanders. They subsequently asked Chief Justice John Roberts, who receives appeals from the state, to allow the lower court's directive and require the changes approved by the three judges be used.

The Republicans' request was considered by the entire court and the order reflected division among the justices. Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito would have agreed to block all of the changes to the maps approved by the lower-court panel. Yet Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor would have denied the GOP's request entirely, according to the order.

Court: Yes, there is doctor-patient confidentiality
Law Center | 2018/01/12 22:55
Connecticut's highest court has ruled on an issue that most people may think is already settled, saying doctors have a duty to keep patients' medical records confidential and can be sued if they don't.

The Supreme Court's 6-0 decision Thursday overturned a lower court judge who said Connecticut had yet to recognize doctor-patient confidentiality.

The high court's ruling reinstated a lawsuit by former New Canaan resident Emily Byrne against the Avery Center for Obstetrics & Gynecology in Westport.

Byrne, who now lives in Montpelier, Vermont, alleged the doctor's office sent her medical file to a court without her permission — allowing the father of her child to look at it and use the information to harass her.

The Avery Center argued there is no duty for doctors to keep patients' information confidential.

Arkansas judge blocks state from issuing birth certificates
Law Center | 2017/12/01 09:46
An Arkansas judge on Friday blocked the state from issuing any birth certificates until officials are able to comply with a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that the state's birth certificate law illegally favors heterosexual parents.

Pulaski County Circuit Judge Tim Fox on Friday set aside his orders requiring the state and three same-sex couples go into mediation on how to fix the state law to comply with the U.S. high court's order. Attorney General Leslie Rutledge earlier this week asked the state Supreme Court to stay or lift Fox's mediation order.

"This case has been pending for over two years and it has been more than six months since the United States Supreme Court ruled the Arkansas statutory scheme unconstitutional," Fox wrote in his order. "There are citizens and residents of the state of Arkansas whose constitutional rights are being violated on a daily basis."

Fox last month had threatened to halt the issuance of birth certificates if both sides couldn't find language by Jan. 5 to be stricken from the law. Rutledge told the court this week that both sides had agreed on an order on how to comply with the high court ruling, but Fox rejected it. A spokeswoman for Rutledge said the AG's office was reviewing Fox's order and did not have an immediate comment.

In his order, Fox said he was hopeful Gov. Asa Hutchinson would have the authority to fix the birth certificate law through executive action. If the state is unable to fix the law, Fox said, the injunction would be in effect until lawmakers could address the issue. Lawmakers are not scheduled to convene again until February for a session focused on the budget. Hutchinson could call a special session.

Florida man back at Supreme Court with 1st Amendment case
Law Center | 2017/11/07 08:25
The U.S. Supreme Court agreed Monday to hear a First Amendment case brought by a Florida man who previously won a landmark ruling from the justices on whether his floating home was a house, not a boat subject to easier government seizure under laws that govern ships and boats.

This time, the justices agreed to hear a case in which Fane Lozman sued after being charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest at a public meeting.

Lozman, 56, was never brought to trial on the charges — prosecutors dropped them after concluding there was no possibility of a conviction. Lozman then sued Riviera Beach, claiming his arrest at a 2006 city council meeting violated the First Amendment's free speech guarantee because it was in retaliation for opposing a marina redevelopment plan and accusing council members of corruption.

A jury sided with the city after a trial and an appeals court upheld that verdict. Lozman, however, took the case to the Supreme Court, arguing in part that U.S. appeals courts across the country are split on the issue of retaliatory arrest versus free speech.

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